GetSimple logoAs I got into the world of content management systems, GetSimple has become my favourite CMS soon enough.
I also work with Joomla (including K2 and VirtueMart) a lot, however, this system is so huge and extensive that I prefer GetSimple in all ways. 

I don't have enough needed time for everything I would like to create so this page is never gonna become endless. Nevertheless, sometimes I just sit and write some code or translate things. Here's the little I did so far.

I have also written a few tutorials (in Czech language only, sorry foreign visitors) to help you start with GetSimple. The first was about GS in general, the second about useful plugins and how to make your custom Czech language.


News Manager Czech language

I translated the great GetSimple blogging plugin News Manager in a user-friendly way into the Czech language.  

Click here to download News Manager Czech language / čeština


Pages & Comments Czech language

What is a blog for without comments? Well, that would just not work, so here you are my version of the Czech translation for this great GetSimple commenting plugin Pages & Comments.

Click here to download Pages & comments Czech language / čeština


Czechoslovak Transliteration plugin

Available in GetSimple Extend.

As far as I can see, my plugin for GetSimple has got relatively popular (around 100 downloads is far enough). 


A simple plugin that ensures perfect transliteration your Czech or Slovak title into the page slug / URL without missing any character.

For example, a title with special characters like "JiskÅ™ičky záÅ™í" will make a page slug (URL) "Jiskricky zari" automatically without any deformations of the title.

Furthermore, it doesn't matter what language is set up in your GetSimple administration panel. This plugin is independent and works all the time unless you disable it.

Tested with GS 3.1.2 - 3.2.3, however, should also work in much more different versions.

Install Instructions:

Just copy the czechoslovak_translit.php into your /plugins folder in your GetSimple folder. If you are using GetSimple 3.2 or newer, don't forget to allow the plugin in the Plugins tab in your GetSimple web administration panel (

Click here to download Czech Transliteration plugin for GetSimple


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Published on 12.05.2019 11:36:43, from Debrecen

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