My ukuleles - Ortega RFU10S and a noname oneThe older I am, the more I felt like playing some musical instrument - piano, keyboard, guitar... or a small hawaiian soprano ukulele :) By the coincidence, I got one as a gift and I'll never let it go. I learnt all the necessary basics and I'm Yours by Jason Mraz in a single week! During three following months, I learnet tens of songs, different rhythms, different strumming patterns and about 20 chords. Ukulele is awesome, it's so easy to play and so much fun.

Computers - SW, HW, programming and coding, creations of websites

HeatpipesComputers are my long-term hobby and working with them is a job of my dreams. I like to read magazines about computers and I like to work with them even more. Setting up an operating is not really fun, but keeping up with the latest software, knowing how to to work with it, knowing current hardware supply for both desktop computers and laptops, being able to create a unique valuable cool looking website without any templates, be skilled enough to programme a simpler app without Google, that's all great to for a computer fan. 


Sport VolejbalI started playing volleyball at the 7th grade of my elementary studies with our both trainer and class teach Mr. Mikšíček. A year after, I played even more on optional trainings and the same applies for the 9th grade. I had a little pause after the elementary school, but it turned out that I definitely should do some sport. So I started playing during the second grade on my secondary school. I started to train with our local team TJ Jiskra Nový Bydžov which already played a local league. Soon I became one of their players, but I injured my knees and I just can't play that much of volleyball anymore, so I'm more a relaxed player now.

MTB Cyklistika

Merida Multivan teamVelmi rád proháním své kolo, Merida Matts TFS XC 100-D verze 2009, které se stalo mým splněným snem díky hydraulickým kotoučovým brzdám. Od doby, co ho mám, jej využívám nejen jako dopravní prostředek, který je nejen zdraví velmi prospěšný, ale dokonce i ekologicky přívětivý a šetří peněženku. Naježděno mám na něm zhruba 6 tisíc kilometrů a stále bez nehod. Pro zajímavost, nejdelší výlet po silnici měl asi 130 km.


SnowboardingI'm still a newbie on a snowboard and I'm not gonna become a pro, I just relax when riding my board. It's cool and a bit more fun than skiing I devoted my winter time to before. So I have a cheaper deck, Westige. It's doesn't mean that I don't enjoy snowboarding - I really do, as my former hobby, skateboarding.


Skateboarding - boardslideFirst time I stood on a skateboard, you ask? I was like 5 years old. It was just a 'fish board' made from plastic, but I have ridden it a lot. At the 8th grade on elementary school, I bough a better deck you can see on the photo next to this text. I learned tricks with my friends, I met a lot of new people, but most of them just weren't worth it. It all stopped after we left the elementary school, we couldn't ride together and we didn't have so much time. But still I like to ride my green Peace deck (2009 model) anytime I have a chance.


The Statue of LibertyI love to spend my time with English generally as well. Translating, conversation, isn't it great? You see this web, I just translated it for fun and to practice implemention of a multilingual system. It all started at the end of my elementary studies. I listened to Green Day, translating their songs of American Idiot album. I've read a few books in English as well (Agatha Christie - The Death Comes as the End, Aesop's Fables...). Since I learnt English a bit more, I haven't watched any films with a czech dubbing if there was an other way. Anytime I had some doubts, I search the answer or asked. During my university studies, I have like 4 English subjects each semester. It's never been a wrong time to get better.

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