No More Cisco Questions and Answers

No More Cisco Questions and Answers

Ever since I started with CCNA certifications myself, I posted the questions with correct answers on my website. A few months ago I managed to post CCNA 4 so the whole CCNA (CCNA1, 2, 3 and 4) was available here. However, recently I got an email about breaking a copyright...

After I posted the first CCNA, I got hundreds of "thank you" comments and that kept me going.

Thank you comments for Cisco questions and answers

Comments like this were coming every day. I got plenty of them even by email! Nevertheless, two days ago I got a different kind of email...

Cisco Copyright Email

If you wonder who the sender, Christine K. Au-Yeung, is, feel free to check her profile here. If you wish to contact her, you can do so via email

That's it. I wasn't aware that posting Cisco questions and and their answers is illegal, it is however. I posted the questions to help others and it helped thousands of you - I got more than 3k visitors a day owing to Cisco questions and answers. Cisco apparently doesn't appreciate it. Therefore, I'm currently redirecting all the URLs regarding Cisco content to this post. Thanks for your lovely comments and visiting my site.

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Update February 16, 2015 18:20 (UMT+1)

Ever since now, I won't be sending the CCNA questions and answers to anyone, not even on request. Reasons?

  • Removing them from my site as Cisco requested isn't a reason to redistribute them a different way, why would I do that - this is a legal stuff that I don't really own any (copy)rights to
  • It would be pretty time consuming, I don't have time for that - sorry :)

Please, don't ask for the questions, for all the reasons above, all requests will be ignored.


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