Change the output font color in NetBeans

Change the output font color in NetBeans

As I use a dark theme for NetBeans, I had to edit all the highlighting and editor colors. Everything was awesome until I saw what happened to my output window - I couldn't read a thing. So I got an easy task - change the text color in the console. How to?

How to change the NetBeans output font color

I've been running through the Google and couldn't find the answer. Yes, it's so simple that no one ever writes a "how-to".

Make sure your output window is visible - if it's not, just run any of your application and close it again - the window will pop up right after running it.

All you have to do now is to right click into the output window and choose Settings. That's it, a window where you can customize all the font colours and background colours will show up.

NetBeans output window - Settings

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