Website creation

How I started with web development

In the first semester of my university studies on the FIM UHK I learnt more than just common HTML I knew before. I added CSS (Cascade Style Sheets) into my knowledge and that was the first step. So I created my first simple static website (which has already been redesigned and rebuilt into GetSimple CMS, still running at I started to love website creation - I enjoyed every hour I spent with my project. I wanted some more.

During my exam period I had a chat with Petr Jiránek from WebPrezent company. There was only a little step missing to get a job in web development. It all ended up well, so you can see some of my work if you scroll down here. I made my place in WebPrezent's office in Nový Bydžov and I studied all I needed to know for my future job. Ever since the end of the second semester, I have been creating websites and all it belongs to it for full-time until the 3rd semester. During school time, I work whenever I can.

Such job gives you a lot - you learn a lot in your branch and you get a view of how it works in IT companies. I had just basic HTML and CSS skills, and now?

  • HTML a CSS3 - just a cornerstone of web creation
  • JavaScripts - mainly for webforms and other interactions with users
  • Content management systems - my favourite GetSimple that power this website and also powerful Joomla! with T3 Framework and VirtueMart component for lesser e-shops
  • PHP - no chance a chance with web forms without it and overwhelming majority runs on PHP - everything you touch is usually PHP :)
  • PhotoShop - for web designing and preparing the design for implementation into a website, absolutely essential for graphically very nice websites

Some projects I worked on

Jeřábnické práce Hradec Králové

Jeřábnické práce Hradec KrálovéMy first minisite I've ever done in WebPrezent. It's a web about crane works. It's powered by GetSimple CMS and my job was all the coding, styling according to a PSD draft and putting there the content.

Jeřábnické práce Pardubice

Jeřábnické práce PardubiceA variation to the former, just aimed for a different area. Also running on GetSimple and I did the same job as in the case above.

Jeřábnické práce Kolín

Jeřábnické práce KolínAnother variation of the first crane works minisite for another area. Running GetSimple as well. My job was the whole web expect the graphical draft.

GEPP s.r.o.

GEPP s.r.o.A smaller website about local geodetic company. Also powered by GetSimple. Coding, styling and adding content was my job.

EGR Ventil

EGR VentilOne more supporting GetSimple minisite. It's all about EGR (Exhaust gas recirculation) valve - an expensive part of exhaust system in all modern diesel vehicles. So, why not to remove it? ... I did my usual stuff here, coding, styling, adding content.

Profichip rozcestník

Profichip rozcestníkA guide-post onepage site of a chip tuning company. Only a static page in GetSimple system for future updates. Coding according to the graphical draft was pretty easy this time.

WebSimple - jednoduchý web

WebSimple - jednoduchý webA onepage web about WebSimple which is our stable GetSimple product (with many features) developed by myself. In this website, I did everything expect the design draft and adding content. Coding was a bit more demanding this time because of all the complicated structure of the content.


WebZpravodajMy first contact with Joomla! CMS. A lot of work and this nice portal was the result. I did a lot here - redoing JA Mitius template by JoomlaArt, recoding and completely setting up the website. Installing all the modules, plugins and components needed, all that I had to do. Also, I still write articles for this magazine sometimes.

Ráj Šatů

Ráj ŠatůA beautiful Joomla website with huge ambitions about a dress rental company. I was alreadly a friend of Joomla when doing this website, so it was a pleasure. I had to completely redone K2 component template but all the work turned out to be a pretty good job. I did the whole template, coding, styling, pretty much anything you think of expect the content and the design.

Vozíky Janďourek

Vozíky JanďourekA nice little web full of transparency. It should only inform locally about these special carts/scooters for disabled and old people. The carts come from the UK. This time, it's only a GetSimple website with a unique template.

Zoopark Stěžery

Zoopark StěžeryPretty web about a local Zoo at the suburb of Hradec Králové. It's situated in Stěžery, so not many people know about it, though. What takes your attention first are bright colours and animals everywhere. It's a GetSimple site as well and I did all the usual stuff I always do.

Stavby Izotrade

Stavby IzotradeA nice website as well, this time about construction works of Izotrade company. Very nice graphical design takes your attention pretty soon I guess. Powered by GetSimple. I did all that coding stuff and cuts in PhotoShop this time.

Mandala Spa

Mandala SpaA bit more extended, therefore, Joomla website about a cosmetic, relax and massage saloon Mandala Spa in the centre of Prague. Very nice unique template, a very pleasant place to go to :) During coding, I had to take care of a bit more complicated form for all those massages advertised.


My personal projects - completely my work

CSS3 Rozcestník mých webů

Tomáš Janeček - Rozcestník mých webůJust a signpost of my websites. Completely my work in pure CSS3, without using any javascripts. It's just a static onepage website. I did it during my learning process of CSS3. I tried to create a modern design as well as nice features including all that moving. Took only about 2,5 hours to create.

Tomáš Janeček - osobní web

Tomáš Janeček - osobní webMy first public version of my personal website. At first, it was only a way to study and practice GetSimple CMS, but it turned out that I like playing with it. So I started writing some articles and adding and adding features. This was a bit of too overembellished design, so I did another version when I got more visitors.

Tomáš Janeček - osobní web v2

Třetí verze osobního webu Tomáše JanečkaThe third version of my website, but only 2nd published. I tried to simplify the design and get rid of all that useless graphics around the content. I still wanted to keep the design pretty, so I decorated it a bit. Despite the fact that this version brough many new features like comments and multilingual system, I sitll have plenty things to work on (semantic HTML5, responsive webdesign).

Ubytování Šetek - Apartmán Žehrov

Ubytování Šetek - Apartmán ŽehrovA little website about a nice and cheap vacation apartment situated in the heart of Bohemia paradise. To be exact, it's in a village called Žehrov. It has been providing a comfortable shelter to many people from all over the world for years. It's all my work including the design, powered by GetSimple.

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